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Your gift card programme is a large investment, and choosing the right strategy based on the market need, historical data and knowledge is key. Let us guide you with our unrivalled expertise within the gift card space. We have the expertise and the contacts across the globe to help you launch a gift card programme, reinvigorate a tired programme or to help you decide on the approach that will help you increase sales, engage consumers or tap into new markets.

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Launching a scheme

Your gift card programme has to be engaging, timely and impactful. With decades of experience and a wealth of connections we will help you to scope, plan and launch your gift card programme. We can even help you reinvigorate an existing scheme.

Maximising profit

Is your gift card programme profitable? How do you stand out from the crowd and ensure that you are maximising profit? What opportunities are there to develop and expand your scheme. We will share with you our decades of experience in the gift card space.

Gift Card Health Check

Our Gift Card Health Check will help you to understand how you are performing against your competitors. Investigate the gift card landscape in your sector. See where you could reduce waste and maximise efficiency.

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I’ve worked with Brian from Gift Card Consulting over several years in various organisations as both a partner and advisor and have found him to be a fountain of wisdom in the gift cards space.  He’s a trusted advisor, thought leader, and friend to the industry.  

Laura McCracken – Head of Amazon Gift Cards Europe

Brian from Gift Card Consulting has extensive knowledge of the gift card industry, and is well connected and respected within the industry which always enables him to give clients the best strategic advice.  Brian’s approach is full of energy and passion ensuring that success is delivered.  Brian has worked with Sainsbury’s for a number of years and has always been supportive of our brand helping us to develop the business whilst upholding our brand guidelines and core values.  

Sarah Chesterton – Commercial Manager Business Services, Sainsbury’s

I have worked closely with Brian from Gift Card Consulting both in Europe and the USA on the Board of the Incentive Marketing Association as well as Chairman of Corporate Rewards, a leading global rewards and recognition company, for a number of years and his knowledge of the gift card industry is incredible. His distinguished network of industry professionals is unequalled to anyone else I know, and his ability as a speaker to provoke thought and conversation from his audience is in the way he does is quite a skill in itself and great to watch. Brian is a great…

Sean Wilkinson – Founder & Chairman Corporate Rewards

Our incentive solution provider company is based in Houston Texas, and services a wide variety of corporate clients.  My immediate go-to answer anytime we are discussing rewards and recognition outside of the US is to contact Brian Dunne from Gift Card Consulting. Brian has, at his fingertips, access to every key incentive player in the international marketplace, and thousands more that I have never met.  I have had many a relationship launched in the most positive light through the simple act of having Brian as part of my solution team. I can comfortably say that I would not consider an…

Sean Roark CIPM, Principal, PromoPros/IncentPros

When it comes to the definition of “Gift Card Expert”, look no further than Gift Card Consulting. Brian the MD has know-how, expertise and the network of industry professionals that will bring success to the clients he serves. I would highly recommend those looking to start or grow a gift card programme to consider Brian Dunne! Global Head of Gift Cards

Todd Tomlin -Global Head of Gift Cards, Hotels.com

Just some of the companies we have worked with…..

Discover the 6 Stages of Smarter Giftcard Programme Management

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Here Gift Card Consulting talk about the German gift card market