New appointment at Giftcard.Consulting herald growth plans

New appointment at Giftcard.Consulting herald growth plans

Rocio Liebana an independent, trusted consultant with over 10 years gift card experience is joining forces with UK based Giftcard.Consulting, which is owned and operated by seasoned professional, Brian Dunne

With a background in management, product marketing and business, Rocio advises and provides coaching across all strategic and operational aspects of gift card business development, marketing and the overall customer gifting experience.

She has built gift card departments from the ground up for several companies across Europe and has strong experience in both online and offline gift card distribution. Her deep knowledge about cutting edge e-commerce, fashion and experience gift cards make her an indispensable asset for every aspiring gift card venture.

Rocio said: ‘Your gift card programme is a large investment, and choosing the right strategy based on the market need, data and knowledge is key.’

Rocio is a popular speaker at incentive and gift card conferences and her contacts span a great network of retailers, reward agencies and service providers across all over Europe.

Managing Director Brian Dunne said ‘Rocio is a hugely respected leader in the gift card and incentive market place. From her role in taking gift cards in Zalando from a standing start through to a significant contributor of incremental sales and profit to the organisation she has tremendous value and insight to help the clients of GiftCard.Consulting.’

He added: ‘I am delighted to be joined by Rocio to enhance our growing team’

Rocio stated: ‘I am very happy to collaborate with such a committed and experienced gift card professional.’

If you are looking to boost your current programme, kickstart a new programme, or are a retailer looking to extend your reach contact

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