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Giftcard Consulting can help you to realise the benefits of launching a gift card proposition through;

  • Market Evaluation
  • Detailed cost and supplier analysis
  • Platform provider and supplier scoping
  • Tax/VAT advice
  • Gift Card or ecode  -What’s right for you?

This will help you to see whether a gift card programme is feasible for you and to make an informed decision to progress to the planning stage.


We can support you in the process of planning a gift card scheme. We can work alongside you and provide help in planning in the following key areas;

  • Financial modeling; helping you to understand how a stored value solution would fit into your current financial infrastructure
  • Business plan development
  • Identification of ‘right fit’ solution provider and direct management of this relationship on behalf
  • Procurement of the best print and card supplier and management of these relationships
  • Internal and external process mapping; including a breakdown of the recruitment, contracting, redemption and payment processes.


Your gift card programme has to be engaging, timely and impactful. With decades of experience and a wealth of connections, we will help you launch your gift card programme or even help you reinvigorate a programme that’s under performing

We do this in just 3 steps:
Analysis – Competitive landscape, mind map, research, analysis and trends
Advise – Case studies, threats, strengths, branding and positioning
Launch – Marketing promotion, social media, extensive thought leadership, awareness and branding

Giving you a clearer guide of what’s possible. Get in touch to discuss how to launch your programme today

Gift Card Services

We are happy when our clients are too… Actually, this is quite simple to achieve – because each time we advise on a gift card programme, whether that be launching a new scheme, reinvigorating an existing one they are happy! And so are we!